What is Homeopathy?

To heal using a homeopathic approach, three key principles must be observed: the totality of the person, the law of similars and the minimum dose. All of the factors of an individual symptom from how the sensation feels, to what time of day it occurs, or what emotional trigger sets it off, to all the things that make it feel better and worse and then some (totality of the individual) are considered, the more unique or curious the better. A substance is selected to support the body in what it is trying to accomplish from it’s symptoms, a substance that is similar in its action on a human body (law of similars). The remedy is taken in very dilute amounts (the minimum dose). Taking a similar substance in minute amounts stimulates the system. Your own body does the healing. The remedy is a red flag saying “hey, you are out of balance here,” the system listens and adjusts.