What is Holistic?

Most conventional medical techniques of dealing with symptoms are aimed at getting rid of an individual symptom. The most obvious way to do this is to give a drug that has the opposite action on the body. The person has a fever, give a fever reducing drug; the person has constipation, give something that causes loose stools; the person’s heart rate is too fast, give something that causes a lowering of the heart rate. You can treat every case of these symptoms with just a couple of drugs and the symptoms seem to go away, voila, cured. Or are they? If you look at the person’s whole system, often you find they are not better overall, something else is worse within a short period of time. New symptoms may seem unrelated to the original symptom, however many cultures throughout the world and throughout time have held an understanding of the body as completely interconnected. Whatever we do affects the whole being.

This approach differs from conventional medicine because it takes your entire life into account. Physical, mental and emotional symptoms and the individual nature of the person are all considered as part of this holistic process. It is not just your headache that stands to improve, but your attitude, your mental clarity, your immunity, your ability to flow through your life instead of struggling with it.