What Should I Expect from Homeopathy?

How will you work with me?

Just as health and disease are processes, homeopathy is a process. Practitioner and client need time to get to know each other and work together. Homeopathy requires a thorough intake process before the practitioner can recommend a remedy. Sometimes the first remedy tried produces rapid and permanent results; often the response to the first remedy gives the homeopath important clues about a better remedy for your specific needs.

How long does it take?

Choosing homeopathic health care is a decision that should be made with the understanding that it takes time. It is realistic to consult a classical homeopath if you can commit to an initial appointment and three follow up appointments. After this time period, results should be apparent.

How long will I have to keep taking a remedy?

Sometimes one dose of a remedy is all that is needed. Sometimes it needs to be repeated infrequently, like every several months. Some situations call for a remedy to be repeated every day. If you have a longstanding chronic condition, you should expect to be consulting a professional for homeopathic care for at least one month for every year you’ve had the condition, although the process can take less time or more time depending on your system’s adaptability. Children often respond to remedies more quickly than adults.

Will my medical insurance cover homeopathy?

Contact your insurance company to find out if these services are covered.  If you have a diagnosis from a licensed medical professional, receipts can be provided for filing with your medical insurance company.  Homeopathic services may be eligible for claiming Medical Savings Reimbursement Account or Health Savings Account monies; check with your employer or MSRA/HSA representative.

What is an appointment like?

Initial sessions are generally 1½ hours long and involve a conversation between the client and the homeopath. The homeopath listens while the client relates as much information as possible about the client’s ailments. The homeopath often has additional questions about the symptoms and experiences of the client. This conversation includes the client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Follow up appointments are scheduled about every four weeks until improvement is clear, and then every six to eight weeks or as needed thereafter.

What does it cost?

Initial appointments are $485 for adults and $350 for children. Single system focused consultations cost $270.  Follow up appointments are $160. Several slots are reserved for economic hardship rates; please inquire directly to discuss this possibility.

Your good health is priceless!

Homeopathy requires more time than conventional approaches because it is practiced with a great deal of individualization, therefore the initial cost may seem higher than with conventional approaches. However, the cost over time is actually lower than other modalities, because it is helping you to become less dependent on health care in the future.