What is Holistic?

Most conventional medical techniques of dealing with symptoms are aimed at getting rid of an individual symptom. The most obvious way to do this is to give a drug that has the opposite action on the body. The person has a fever, give a fever reducing drug; the person has constipation, give something that causes […]

What is Homeopathy?

To heal using a homeopathic approach, three key principles must be observed: the totality of the person, the law of similars and the minimum dose. All of the factors of an individual symptom from how the sensation feels, to what time of day it occurs, or what emotional trigger sets it off, to all the […]

Taking Homeopathic Remedies

Good job, you’ve figured out a homeopathic remedy you think might help for a self limiting condition that is ailing you.  Now, how do you take it?  What potency should you take?  How often do you take it?  How do you know when to stop taking it? Potency of remedies Generally speaking, if you are […]

Cold and Flu: What Can You Do?

At some point in the fall, people start worrying about cold and flu season. How bad will it be this year? Should I get a flu shot? Will I miss work or school? I don’t want to take a flu shot, is there some more holistic way to protect myself? Each and every year some […]