Why Consult with Mary Jo?

Homeopathy is for everyone. This 200 year old holistic approach to healing acts on the energetic level to stimulate the body’s own ability to restore health and healing from the inside out. Used extensively worldwide, homeopathy can affect every bodily system and every level of being.

What Specific Health Issues Does Homeopathy Address?

Acute ailments. Viral and bacterial infections, especially recurrent ones such as ear infections, sinus infections and sore throats, as well as coughs, heartburn and injuries (such as sprains or broken bones) may respond well to the healing stimulus provided by homeopathy.

Chronic disease. Homeopathy often stimulates healing in cases that have not responded to more conventional approaches. For example, migraines, digestive disorders, skin conditions, PMS, and allergies (just to name a few) are conditions that can improve or be resolved when the level of overall health of the body is increased due to the healing stimulus provided by homeopathic care.

Mental health and wellbeing: Because underlying health imbalances affect mood and energy levels, a repatterning of the system’s responses may result in improvement in things like depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, loss of mental focus, behavioral and eating disorders.

Ready to move towards better health?
Here’s what you can expect from homeopathic care.