Why Mary Jo Aloi, CCH?

Mary Jo Aloi is certified as a classical homeopath.

Mary Jo Aloi is certified as a classical homeopath by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She holds practitioner diplomas from The School of Homeopathy, Devon and from The Dynamis School for Advanced Homeo­pathic Studies. She continues to study homeopathy as a lifelong learning passion.

Mary Jo began her career as a chemist.

Out of her sincere desire to use her knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in her community, she chose the environmental engineering field, where she specialized in hazardous waste containment and remediation.

The birth of her first child, along with her interest in nutrition and natural health, led Mary Jo to explore homeopathic medicine.

The amazing results of using homeopathy with her own family convinced her of the power of this clinically proven healing modality. She began her practitioner studies in 1994 and has been in practice since 2006.

The Practice

Mary Jo’s practice focuses on reducing clients’ overall level of susceptibility to increase their health over time. She is committed to using her skills in service of individuals and the larger community. One of the hallmarks of her work is connection; listening to each and every individual with deep respect.

Mary Jo’s practice is conducted under the California Business and Professions Codes 5023.5 and 5023.6. She is not licensed as a physician and will not diagnose or treat specific conditions. She will work in cooperation with you and your primary health care provider to help you increase your level of health.

Through her extensive training and committed care, Mary Jo Aloi brings a strong intellectual background in science, as well as a deeply spiritual and connected presence, to her practice of the art and science of homeopathy. She feels a deeply rewarding satisfaction in being able to support others in their healing process.